Chair Mounted Keyboard Tray

Computing has grown up.

chair mounted keyboard trayJoin the big kids with your own chair mounted keyboard tray from MOBO!

Remember when every computer worker you knew complained of carpal tunnel? Gone are the days of hanging your wrists over the edge of your desk or slouching in your chair with a your neck craned toward your small heavy monitor.

Enter MOBO – the new generation of healthy computing.

Our ergonomically correct keyboard tray has been designed with a real human body in mind. The Mobo Chair Mount Keyboard Tray works with almost any chair with armrests, placing your keyboard and mouse in the right position for your body.

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You’re going to sit at the computer, why not be comfortable?

The Mobo chair mounted keyboard tray encourages a healthy posture: arms close to the body; wrists at natural angles. Mouse platforms make the Mobo keyboard tray appropriate for use with laptops as well as with wired and wireless keyboards for desktop computers.

The Mobo is a heavy duty computer accessory backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Constructed with industrial polymers, our chair mounted keyboard tray is designed to provide stability and to mount firmly to most chairs with T-shaped or looped arms up to 4″ wide and less than 2.5″ deep at the ends. Your Mobo will not harm the chair or interfere with its normal operation, and are easily installed and locked into place with a phillips head screwdriver.

Order Online Today┬╗
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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