Chairs and Posture

July 6th, 2011

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Summary of “Chairs, Posture and the Alexander Technique,” by Robert Rickover

I first heard about the Alexander Technique several weeks, when integrative physician Dr. Weil briefly mentioned it on Twitter. The gist is this: trained specialists help you learn how to have good posture again.

While children naturally have perfect posture, over the years our ability to maintain good posture erodes, dramatically. The Alexander Technique helps you learn to reduce tension so that your posture improves and you no longer suffer the pain and health issues that come with poor posture.

While this article briefly mentions the Alexander Technique, overall the article discusses how if your posture is bad, no chair will save you. In fact, some ergonomics experts have created chairs that are actually worse for posture than old-fashioned straight back chairs were.

Read more here:

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  1. HMCB says:

    Great post…

    Lovely work, even though i have been lurking around for awhile i have not got around to commenting til now. cheers…

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