Clip On Keyboard Tray

Clip on Keyboard TrayDid you know that today 62% of households own a computer and twice as many people work at computers than did in 1989? And with the explosion of on-line gaming and social media, we all spend more time at the computer for fun.

You may not notice your head thrusting forward or your back hunching toward the monitor, or even the awkward angle of your wrists and legs. . . but your body does!

Enter the Mobo clip on computer tray!

The Mobo clip on keyboard tray mounts to almost any chair with arms, making computer use comfortable and safe.

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Your body fights back when you work in a physically strained position. Muscle tension, ligament and nerve damage and skeletal dis-alignment result when a body is forced to assume hunched positions. But with desktop and laptop computers, either your wrists are too high or your back and neck are curved towards your machine in order to see the monitor and have your hands on the keyboard.

With laptops and desktops becoming an ever more utilized tool for work and play, and gaming gaining in popularity daily, the Mobo clip on computer tray has arrived just in time.

Today’s Computing

The Mobo clip on keyboard tray was designed to be ergonomically correct. The Mobo clip on Keyboard Tray can be easily installed on almost any chair with armrests, facilitating correct placement of keyboard, mouse and monitor.

Be comfortable and aligned with your Mobo!

The Mobo clip on keyboard tray supports healthy posture: wrists at natural angles, arms close to the body; and your neck in line with your spine. In addition, with a Mobo mouse platform, the clip on keyboard tray can be used with laptops as well as with wired and wireless keyboards for desktop computers.

Made Right

The Mobo clip on keyboard tray is constructed from heavy-duty industrial-grade polymers, and we stand behind our product with a limited lifetime warranty. You’ll find the Mobo stable, easy to install, and compatible with almost any computer configuration.

Order Online Today»
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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