Computer Keyboard Trays

MOBO Computer keyboard trays: Streamline your workstation

computer keyboard traysMobo Ergonomic Computer Keyboard Trays make almost any office chair into an ergonomically correct play or workstation.

The Mobo is made using industrial-grade polymers (polycarbonate and ABS) to provide exceptional strength and durability. While it is not recommended for use with more than 15-20 pounds, it has been tested with the weight of up to three laptops at the same time. Use your Mobo Computer Keyboard Trays to hold your keyboard and mouse or your laptop, and relax into a neutral and comfortable body position.

Make the Most of the Chair You Have

The Mobo fits on almost any office chair with arms. Choose a chair that supports your back, hips, legs and feet as listed in the guidelines below. The Mobo is attached quickly and easily with just a phillips head screwboard. Your Mobo Computer Keyboard Trays are suitable for use with both wired and wireless keyboards and all laptops, and each comes with a mouse tray that attaches on either the left or right side of the tray.

Why Computer Keyboard Trays?

Computers are everywhere. We use them for work, for home communication, banking, gaming, research and entertainment. Over 62 percent of households in the United States have at least one computer, and that number continues to grow. When we work in strained positions–hunched backs, lurching necks, awkward wrists–we put ourselves at risk of Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSIS) which can be painful and debilitating. Experts agree that using computer keyboard trays cuts down on this risk, making work and play more comfortable and therefore more productive.

Guidelines for ergonomic bliss using Mobo computer keyboard trays.

  • Keep Head and neck balanced and in line with torso
  • Shoulders remain relaxed
  • Elbows stay close to body, supported and bent between 90 and 120 degrees
  • Wrists and hands rest in line with forearms and roughly parallel to the floor
  • Lower back is supported when sitting vertical or leaning back slightly
  • Your thighs and hips are supported by a well-padded seat and generally parallel to the floor
  • Knees should be about the same height as the hips with the feet slightly forward
  • Feet are comfortably supported by floor or footrest.

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