Get to know the Mobo

What type of chairs will the Mobo mount to?

The Mobo will mount to most chairs with open or T-shaped arms up to 4″ wide and 2-1/2″ thick.

What tools are needed to install the Mobo?

Installs easily with a phillips head screwdriver .

How long it does it take to install the Mobo?

10 -15 minutes. Make sure to read the installation instructions for important adjustment and easy installation tips.

Will the Mobo work on wheelchairs?

No. The Mobo may mount to some wheelchair models, but it makes the wheelchair too wide to pass thru most doorways and may interfere with normal wheelchair operation. Therefore, it not recommended.

Is the Mobo strong enough to support heavy laptops?

Yes! The Mobo is made from high quality industrial polymers (polycarbonate and ABS) to provide exceptional strength. While we do not recommend using the Mobo with more than 15-20 pounds, it has been tested with the weight of up to three laptops at the same time.

Will the Mobo work with wired keyboards?

Yes. However, some keyboards may require a USB extension cable to easily reach the Mobo tray. We intend to offer USB extension cables on our website very soon. In the meantime, USB extension cables are inexpensive and are available wherever computer accessories are sold (online, big box retailers, etc.).

What is the size of the keyboard tray?

The keyboard tray surface is textured plastic and measures 22″x12-1/2″ and is slightly arched away from the user.

What are the specs of the Mouse pad area (size, material, etc.)?

The Mobo includes both left and right mouse pads that attach to your chair. The useable mouse pad areas measure 7-1/4″x11″ each and have a black nylon (fabric) covered neoprene mouse pad. The tray is arched inward on each end to allow you to shift it left or right to provide the maximum useable mouse pad area.

Can the Mobo fit chairs with arm rests thicker (taller) than 2-1/2″?

The short answer is yes. However, you will have to purchase additional hardware from your local hardware/home improvement store. The Mobo requires 8 screws to mount correctly. To allow the Mobo to fit as many existing chair configurations as possible, it comes with 4 different lengths of screws. The Mobo uses 8/32 screws and includes 8 each of the following lengths: 1-1/2″, 2″, 2-1/2″ & 3″. So, to fit a chair with arms thicker than 2-1/2″ you would need to buy 8/32 screws in lengths 1/2″ longer than the arm thickness (example: 8/32×4″ would fit an armrest that is 3-1/2″ thick).

Do you have a list of chairs that are compatible with the Mobo?

No. The shear number and variety of chairs available, make this task extremely difficult. The Mobo was engineered to fit as many existing chairs as possible. First of all, the chair must have armrests. The Mobo will mount to chairs with T-shaped or open armrests up to 4″ wide and 2-1/2″ thick. There is an adapter that allows the Mobo to be installed on chair armrests with extreme curves. For more information,view the installation instructions.

How does the keyboard tray attach to the mouse pad armrests?

The keyboard tray does not actually “attach” to the mouse pad arms. It simply sits on top and has rubber feet that provide friction and keep the tray from shifting accidentally. This allows the tray to be easily and quickly removed or repositioned for comfort.

The keyboard tray also features sides that curve inward to allow for full mouse pad use on one side or the other. When the Mobo is installed, the keyboard tray spans between the two mouse pad armrests. The keyboard tray can be shifted left or right to offer the full mouse pad area for either side.

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