Mobo at Play

April 4th, 2011

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Get Your Play On.

Create. Connect. Conquer. Comfortably.

Online Gaming, web surfing, blogging and social networking have become some of our favorite pastimes. But long hours at the keyboard have lasting negative effects on our bodies. Bad posture and a poorly designed workstation can lead to painful, often debilitating Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSIs), such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

The Mobo is the healthier way to play. Not only can the Mobo help protect you from injury, by naturally encouraging a healthy neutral body position, it can also provide the comfort you need to stay in the game longer. The Mobo eliminated awkward stretching r reaching for computer controls by bringing the keyboard and mouse to you. So, sit back, relax and take advantage of having your world right at your fingertips.

A powerful weapon to have in your online gaming arsenal.

More gaming, chatting, blogging and networking with less health risk.

Experience the freedom and comfort of having your computer controls come to you.

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30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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